New Fiat 500C pics and details: full 500 cabrio gallery

The Fiat 500C is set to debut across Italian Fiat dealerships on July 4th, and in preparation, Fiat has released these new pics of the 500 cabriolet, including some shots of the original cabrio. Fiat has been working on some aspects of its 500C to make it more appealing, including an accessible boot and improvements to the aerodynamics to make it quieter.

Boot space is 182 litres, only three less than the Fiat 500, and a wind stop is an optional extra for the comfort of rear passengers. The soft top is one of the key elements of the cabrio, with an electronic, remote control mechanism. The three colours of black, ivory and red can be matched with the three new body colours: pearl red, grey and blue (now available on all 500 models).

Euro 5 engines have been confirmed, including the 1.2 litre 69hp, the 1.4 litre 100 hp, and teh 1.3 litre Multijet 75 hp. The 500 C diesel version created for a charity auction looks set to remain a one-off. More details after the jump.

The transmission is a Dualogic automatic with steering wheel paddles, and the Lounge and Rock internal finishings will also be available, with nine external tints, three internal finishes with synthetic or leather finishes, and over 100 accessories. The 500C includes start-stop system as an option, with a saving of up to 12 percent on fuel efficiency and emissions.

The consumption varies across the range, from 5.1 litres per 100 km for the manual transmission on the 1.2 litre 69hp version, down to five litres with the Dualogic system, and even 4.7 litres when opting for the start-stop. Emissions are reduced from 119 to 113 g/km.

The 1.4 litre passes from 6.1 l/100km with manual transmission, to 5.6 with Dualogic automatic and the start-stop sees a further reduction of 140 to 135 g/km of CO2 emissions. The 1.3 multijet is available only with manual transmission and is the winner in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions with 4.2 l/100 km and 110 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Top speed ranges from 160 km/hr for the 1.2 litre to 182 km/hr for the 1.4 litre 100hp, while reaching 100 km/hr is achieved in 13.4 and 11 seconds respectively.

The Lounge finish has external chrome finishes, 15-inch alloy wheels, seven airbags, ABS, ESP, Dualdrive steering, parking sensors, manual air conditioning, Blue&Me with MP3 radio, leather steering wheel and separate rear seats. The Rock version has xeno headlights, Frau internal leather, 16-inch wheels and hi-fi interscope sound system. Accessories include an unusual wipe-board for the dash, make up kit, swarovski decorations and exclusive Fiat floor mats.

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